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Enable IT

Our IT programme, Enable IT, is here to get you online and interacting with technology.

We have a suite of computers, tablets, cameras, touch screens, projectors, and even a virtual reality suite, all geared to getting you working with tech.

Part of this project is the running of our website and social media, where you will be encouraged to write your very own Just B.U blogs, on our custom secure platform, to get your voice out there on the net.

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Business Skills

Through every aspect of Just B.U, we make sure you’re involved in the business.

Whether it be fundraising for the football team, looking after the finances in the kitchen, or managing money for our Fusion events, we get you involved with support from our amazing staff.

Our training program will provide you with the necessary experience and skills to achieve success.

Core Values

There are some things at Just B.U that go without saying, that are part of our DNA.

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Our Values