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January 2023

January 2023 Header Image Happy New Year Everyone, We hope you got a copy of our newsletter, had a great Xmas and New Year and are ready for 2023. The team is starting to plan our first trip of the year to Knowsley Safari Park, some of you have been before. This will happen in spring this year, we will then start to think about summer and beyond. I will send out a letter as we appreciate not everyone is online or using social media. But this is a good time to remind everyone if you see any trips or opportunities arising in Bistro19 these are optional no one is expected to do these things that have extra costs. If people aren't able to join certain trips we will do all we can to ensure they get out and about in a different way! We do also get other services wanting to come into Just B U offering activities but we do usually decline these as this also would incur costs to our jbu customers but again if you want any information we are happy to share whats in your communities. It's a new year so we will offer again if any parents or carers would like to call for a chat, catch up or a coffee just let us know. Justin and our staff team